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We came across an interesting post recently on realestate.com discussing a survey where over 3,000 Australians were asked what they want in their dream home. The results offered an insight into the aspirations and ideas of the ideal dream home in both design and location.

“One third of survey respondents nominated views as the most important amenity a dream home can offer. Nearly 50% chose the beach as their dream location, compared to only 15% who chose the city. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – it just confirms Australians love an outdoor lifestyle.”

The main points were:

Space, space and more space – both indoors and out! The results show Australians prefer a sprawling home consisting of 4 bedrooms, minimum 2 bathrooms and a big backyard for entertaining.

Style is important. Apparently, we’re a style-seeking bunch with nearly half of respondents agreeing that design is the number one quality of their dream home – rating higher than both location and size.

Coastal everything. A coastal address, a coastal-styled interior, a coastal lifestyle. It turns out a by-product of Australia having some of the world’s best coastlines also means that most of us not only want to live near the beach, but we want an ocean view too!

Swimming pools are not as popular as you may think. The results came back showing that we place higher value on having a large alfresco area and a shed rather than owning a swimming pool. As long as we still have a mate with a pool, we don’t need one ourselves, right?


"However, when asked which amenities we wanted in a dream home, the top three answers were an ocean or mountain view (34%), a large back deck for entertaining (19%) and a pool (15%). "

What do you think? Does this represent your wish list for your dream home in Perth?

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You can read the original post here

The survey was part of an ongoing promotion for the RSL Art Union 2020 Aussie dream home. The RSL Art Union is holding a lottery with the chance to win a $6million apartment block on Queensland’s Gold Coast.This is Australia’s biggest prize home lottery providing critical funding to support Australia’s veterans and their families. There are ten multi-million-dollar prize home draws every year.


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