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Pre-start is an exciting time for anyone who is about to embark on their home building journey but it can also be a daunting period. The selections chosen at this time will create the appearance and character of your new home for years to come.

At Assetbuild, we understand the importance of designing your dream home and endeavour to make the process as enjoyable for you as it is for our design team.

Before your Pre-start meeting, it’s a great idea to do some research so you know what you want in your new home design. Enjoy these guidelines from our team on how to prepare for this important meeting.

Create a mood board
We love it when people bring in photos and images, it gives us an idea of how we can personalise your home. So, gather your favourite Instagram or Pinterest photos, and other inspirational samples you love, and create a mood board to bring to your prestart meeting.

Write a wish list
This is a great idea for clients to gather their ideas and create a list of all the upgrades required for their new home. By doing this you can ensure these items are within your budget and be prepared on the day.

Consider your furniture & electrical layout
Doing a sketch of where you are going to place your furniture is helpful especially when choosing the placements of the power points. Your choice of furniture such as beds, sofas and dining table as well as your appliances, lighting and power outlets can impact the functionality of a room. So, think about where new or existing pieces of furniture will fit in your home, what you like and loathe about your current layout and make decisions around them.

Do your homework
All Assetbuild clients are supplied with an Owners Handbook at the time of signing their contract, which includes our Home Selections Guide. Take time to review this well ahead of your meeting as it’s designed to help you prepare and gather ideas for your Prestart meeting.

Trust the design experts
Our team has assisted many clients over the years with their colour selections and product choices. They are highly experienced in guiding their clients to make suitable decisions to suit their budget and lifestyle.

“We can’t wait to help you turn your dream home into reality!”

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